In 2017, the term "fake news" became the Oxford Dictionary's word of the year, reflecting the pervasive impact of disinformation since Donald Trump's presidency. This term has permeated various sectors, posing a significant challenge to the journalistic world and threatening its survival. With the advent of generative AI, the battle against fake news has entered a new phase, as the capability to create false audios and deepfakes has emerged. In response, the journalism industry is seeking technological and research-based solutions, exemplified by PRISA Media's VerificAudio, an audio content verification tool.

VerificAudio, developed in collaboration with the Google News Initiative and Minsait, utilizes machine learning and advanced artificial intelligence models to detect and analyze the authenticity of audio content. This innovative tool identifies potentially manipulated or synthetic audio, enabling journalists at PRISA's radio stations in Colombia, Mexico, Chile, and Spain to assess the likelihood of falsity in audio clips, thereby enhancing their traditional verification processes.

PRISA Media plans to expand VerificAudio's use to all its newsrooms and eventually offer the service to its audience. José Gutiérrez, Managing Director of Solutions, Digital, and Technology at PRISA Media, stated that the project originated at Caracol Colombia and represents PRISA's dedication to combating disinformation and promoting quality journalism. Gutiérrez emphasized that technology is a critical weapon against disinformation and deepfakes, providing journalists with essential tools to uphold journalistic standards.

The implementation of VerificAudio highlights the ongoing efforts within the media industry to adapt to evolving technological threats. By leveraging AI to combat fake news, PRISA Media demonstrates a proactive approach to safeguarding the integrity of information. This initiative underscores the importance of continuous innovation and vigilance in the face of sophisticated disinformation tactics, ensuring that journalists can continue to deliver accurate and reliable news to the public.

PRISA Media’s VerificAudio represents a significant step in the fight against fake news, emphasizing the role of technology in upholding journalistic standards and ensuring the truth prevails in an era of disinformation.