Microsoft has announced the launch of its new Copilot key, which will replace the right control key on its keyboards. The announcement was made at the Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan, and the change will go into effect on June 18. The Copilot key will have generative AI capabilities and will provide users with a conversational assistant that interprets and generates text and images based on user descriptions.

HP and Dell will be the first companies to integrate this innovative tool into their keyboards. The introduction of the Copilot key represents a significant shift in the way users interact with their devices, emphasizing efficiency and productivity.

In addition to the hardware update, Microsoft is extending the functionality of Copilot to its entire software ecosystem, including productivity tools such as Office. Within Microsoft Teams, Copilot will take notes during meetings and answer basic questions from participants, streamlining the workflow and improving the user experience.

Microsoft has also unveiled an enhanced version of the key called Copilot+, which can be customized to meet the specific needs of individual users. In addition, the company has unveiled an internal strategy called Team Copilot, which aims to maximize the tool's potential within the organization.


Integration in Microsoft products

The Copilot key is part of  initiative to integrate AI into its product range. Microsoft aims to create a seamless user experience that combines physical interaction with advanced software capabilities by integrating AI directly into hardware.

The Copilot assistant will improve user productivity and provide a more intuitive interface for managing tasks. For example, in Office applications, users can expect AI to assist them in create documents, summaries and even visual content based on text descriptions.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, a central tool for collaboration, will see significant improvements with the integration of Copilot. The AI assistant will automate meeting notes, highlight key discussion points and provide solutions to routine questions. This will allow team members to focus more on strategic discussions than administrative tasks.

The improved version, Copilot+, promises a personalized user experience by learning and adapting to user preferences. This adaptive technology ensures that the AI can provide more relevant and personalized assistance, increasing user benefit and satisfaction.

Team Copilot is an initiative to use the new AI tool to promote internal collaboration at Microsoft. This strategy focuses on using AI capabilities to improve communication, streamline project management and increase overall productivity. With the internal implementation of Copilot, Microsoft aims to set a benchmark for how AI can be used effectively in an enterprise environment.