n the rapidly evolving landscape of hiring, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven chatbots and robots are increasingly gaining prominence. As companies look for more efficient ways to evaluate candidates, the use of these automated interviewers is becoming more common. But how do job seekers view it?

AI-driven interviews generally involve a chatbot or robotic system that performs the initial assessment of candidates. These systems are designed to assess qualifications, experience and even personality traits through a series of structured questions.


The role of the chatbot

The use of chatbots, allows recruiters with few questions to assess what they need from the candidate so they perform a quick analysis of responses to identify the best matches for the job requirements. So the AI will evaluate each candidate with the same questions, thus demonstrating more fairness to candidates.

Candidates can often schedule these interviews at any time, offering greater flexibility than traditional interviews, and in addition, the interview processes mean faster responses and reduced wait times.


Real-world experiences

Many candidates who have experienced AI interviews share mixed feelings. Some appreciate the speed and lack of apparent bias, while others miss the human connection that can make them feel more comfortable and allow them to better show their personality.

One interviewee, Sarah, said that "the chatbot interview was faster than waiting for a human interviewer, but it felt a bit impersonal, same opinion as John who "liked that it was direct and unbiased, but I wasn't sure how the robot evaluated my answers beyond a few key words".