With the establishment of AIRAWAT, a platform to promote research, analysis and knowledge assimilation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), India is making great efforts to cement its place in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This government initiative aims to lay the foundation for the country's leadership in AI technology by providing the infrastructure and resources needed to develop and implement artificial intelligence projects. It is important to note that India still has no specific AI regulations.

AIRAWAT is a key component of the "National Artificial Intelligence Strategy'," a report published in 2018 by the government's policy think tank, NITI Aayog. This strategy aims to create a robust ecosystem for AI in India. Collaboration between government agencies, academic institutions and private sector partners is key to this platform, which aims to promote the development and deployment of innovative AI solutions.

AIRAWAT aims to address one of the biggest challenges for AI researchers and developers: the lack of access to adequate computing resources for large-scale projects. This cloud platform will provide professionals with the necessary infrastructure to work on their AI projects to foster innovation and avoid duplication of effort.

The platform will bring together all players in the AI ecosystem, from research institutes and start-ups to companies and government agencies. It will provide access to high-quality data, computing resources and tools so that all stakeholders can develop projects and share knowledge, accelerating the pace of innovation in the field of AI.



The platform will support the research and development of AI applications in key areas such as agriculture, healthcare, education and urban infrastructure. By centralizing the required infrastructure, AIRAWAT will avoid duplication of effort and facilitate the rapid and efficient application of AI in each of these sectors, with the aim of boosting the Indian economy.

An important aspect of AIRAWAT is the development of AI skills and talent in India. The platform will serve as a hub for acquiring knowledge, providing training programs, sharing best practices and nurturing a highly skilled workforce in the field of AI. This will help build a new generation of professionals who will drive the country's technological development.

AIRAWAT is a sound strategy to strengthen India's AI ecosystem. By providing computational resources, fostering cross-sector collaboration and developing talent, this platform has the potential to make India a global leader in AI research, development and application.