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Object Detection

Object Detection is a technique in the field of computer vision and artificial intelligence that involves identifying and locating instances of objects of one or several classes (such as people, cars, traffic signs, etc.) within an image or video. Unlike image classification, which only assigns a label to the entire image, object detection not only classifies the objects present but also determines their positions within the image using bounding boxes.

Applications of Object Detection

Security and Surveillance:

  • Intruder detection, identification of suspicious behaviors, and monitoring of restricted areas.

Autonomous Vehicles:

  • Recognition of pedestrians, other vehicles, traffic signs, and obstacles for safe driving.

Retail and E-commerce:

  • Inventory tracking, analysis of shopping behaviors, and improving customer experience through product detection.


  • Analysis of medical images to detect anomalies, tumors, and other health conditions.


  • Monitoring crops and livestock, detecting pests, and optimizing agricultural practices.

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