In an innovative move towards integrating advanced technology in food services, Circus SE, a prominent AI robotics company, has signed a preliminary agreement with Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH (FBB) to implement its autonomous kitchen system at Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER). This partnership aims to enhance the airport's employee catering services by introducing AI-powered food preparation solutions.

Circus SE is a pioneer in the development of AI-driven robotics, focusing particularly on autonomous kitchen systems. Their flagship product, the CA-1 Robot, is capable of producing up to 2,000 freshly prepared meals per day without human intervention. The compact system occupies just 20 square meters of space, making it an efficient and hygienic solution for high-traffic environments such as airports.

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, which operates BER Airport, the third-largest airport in Germany, will initially deploy the CA-1 Robot to cover a portion of the daily catering needs for airport employees. This implementation will run alongside the existing catering operations during the beta phase, ensuring a smooth transition and evaluation period.

Nikolas Bullwinkel, CEO of Circus Group, emphasized the significance of this partnership: "Our 'Circus Autonomy One' robot exemplifies our vision of the future of food service in high-traffic environments. Partnering with Berlin Brandenburg Airport is a significant step for us. By integrating our advanced AI and robotics technology, we aim to enhance operational efficiency and deliver high-quality, hygienic meals at scale. This initial customer-beta-phase not only showcases our innovative capabilities but also sets the stage for transforming food service in airports worldwide".

The collaboration between Circus SE and Berlin Brandenburg Airport is expected to set a new standard in airport catering. The deployment of the CA-1 Robot aims to ensure seamless, hygienic, and efficient food preparation, significantly benefiting the airport's workforce. This move reflects a broader trend towards automation and the integration of AI technologies in various sectors, promising improvements in operational efficiency and service quality.