The AI Factor

by Asha Saxena
The book explains how companies can use artificial intelligence and big data to drive exponential growth. It highlights success stories like Netflix and Starbucks, and offers practical steps to implement these technologies ethically and effectively.

Key Concepts

Pioneers in AI: Companies like Netflix and Starbucks were leaders in using big data and AI, leveraging these technologies to personalize experiences and optimize operations.

Importance of Big Data: Big data fuels AI by providing the necessary information for machines to learn and perform complex analyses.

Ethics in AI: AI presents serious ethical challenges. Its use must be transparent and consistent with moral values, protecting privacy and human rights.

Evaluation: Before implementing an AI and big data strategy, companies need to assess their capacity.

Strategy: Companies need to ensure they are ready for a data-driven strategy, with access to both structured and unstructured data.

High-Value Areas: Identify the areas where AI and big data can generate the most value.

Data Team: An appropriate data team is essential for implementing an AI strategy.

Awareness of Web3: Business leaders must be aware of the emergence of Web3 and how it will influence strategies.

About Asha Saxena

Asha Saxena is an adjunct professor of health policy and management at Columbia University, where she teaches courses on healthcare consulting, entrepreneurship, big data, and data analytics. Previously, she was the CEO of Aculyst, a healthcare analytics company, and the president and CEO of Future Technologies, an international data management and analytics company.


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