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The Age of Prediction: Algorithms, AI, and the Shifting Shadows of Risk

by Igor Tulchinsky & Christopher Mason
The book explores how advances in algorithms and AI are transforming risk prediction and management across various sectors like medicine, finance, politics, and the environment. It highlights both opportunities and ethical challenges, offering insights into how predictive capabilities can revolutionize decision-making.

Key Concepts

Predictive algorithms: How algorithms can predict future events using historical data.

Artificial Intelligence: The role of AI in improving the accuracy and usefulness of these predictions.

Risk management: How AI-based predictions can help manage and reduce risks in various fields.

Big Data: The importance of large volumes of data to improve prediction accuracy.

Ethics and privacy: Concerns about the use of personal data and the need for transparency in algorithms.

Personalized medicine: Using predictions for specific medical treatments.

Socioeconomic impact: How AI and predictions affect the economy and society.

Transparency and explainability: The need for algorithms to be understandable to users.

Policy and Governance: The influence of predictions on political decision-making.

Climate change and environment: Using predictions to address environmental issues and natural disasters.

About Igor Tulchinsky & Christopher Mason

Igor Tulchinsky is the founder and CEO of WorldQuant, a quantitative asset management firm, with expertise in finance, technology, and data science.

Christopher Mason is a scientist and researcher, a professor at Weill Cornell Medicine, where he leads a laboratory focused on genomics and space biology.


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