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Rewired: The McKinsey Guide to Outcompeting in the Age of Digital and AI

by Eric Lamarre
The book serves as both a manual and a reference for executives, offering a bold and comprehensive approach based on five years of work by McKinsey consultants worldwide. The authors emphasize the importance of organizational capabilities and people, providing recommendations valid for companies of all sizes, including large multinationals.

Key Concepts

Continuous digital transformation: Companies must embark on an endless digital and AI transformation journey, constantly adapting to new technologies.

Foundational work: A successful transformation requires a clear and detailed roadmap, including a financial plan and change management strategy.

Internal digital talent: Having an internal team of digital talent is essential to sustain the transformation.

Agile operating model: The company must be able to develop technology quickly and flexibly.

Technical capabilities: Seven key technical capabilities are needed, including decoupled architecture, cloud usage, advanced engineering practices, developer tools, a reliable production environment, automated security, and machine learning operations.

Data architecture: Leaders must establish a data architecture that facilitates the flow of data from its source to its use.

Adoption strategies: Strategies to drive adoption by customers or users are crucial to reap the benefits of digitalization.

About Eric Lamarre

Eric is a senior partner in McKinsey’s Boston office. He leads McKinsey Digital in North America and is a member of McKinsey’s Shareholders Council, the firm’s board of directors. Eric works with senior leadership teams to help build their digital and AI capabilities to undergo change successfully and sustainably. He led the development of the Firm’s client service approaches to digital & AI transformations. He serves on the board of the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation.


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